“‘What do we do about the soul, since people have made such a mess out of it?’ ‘Put it on the highest of mountains!’ One man says. But the people climb up the mountains like ants, find the soul, and make it a trophy. So the wise men decree ‘Put it at the bottom of the deepest seas!’ But the people build underwater vessels, and dive down under. They find the thing, bring it to the surface and put it in a museum. So the wise men say, ‘put it beyond the farthest planet!’ But people build spacecrafts and venture off and find it. They bring it back and make warfare over it. The wise men are confounded because none them knows where to put the soul. And then one man stands up and says, ‘I’ve got it! Put it in people themselves since they never look there.’”

The fable of the wise men The Wim Hof Method

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