Misfit Toy

Who knew that a thought in one’s mind could crush your very being.  

I keep searching for the right way. 

I keep searching for meaning. 

All it takes is a message from you and my world is turned upside down. 

Anxiety pumps through my veins. 

It pours out my eyes and aches my heart. 

It makes my throat swell as though I am drowning. 

Just one thought about you, one glimpse during my day and I find myself broken. 

In complete disarray.  

Everything else stops.  

It consumes me from the inside out, I can feel it beating out of my chest. 

Fighting to break free. 

It cannot.  

I once walked this earth with confidence, pride, and joy. 

But I have been played with.  

Used up. 

I am broken like a misfit toy.  


Published by incognito0mosquito

What's up Blood Suckers!! I'm a mosquito and I'm incognito. Mental Health Blogger

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