Midnight Memories

I underestimate the elusiveness of motivation, 

Drive,  and determination. 

What is wisdom if not understanding the fact that you know nothing against the peers of your nation. 

They ask me, “what do you want to do with the rest of your life?” 

As if I could possibly choose one path to commit to for the rest of my days. 

As a child I fantasized I was destined to become a

“Hero of war”. 

Then I became one and found my mind twisted. Forever warring with myself. 


This is what they gave me then expected order.  

But my brain was washed and clothed in chaos.  

This is where it remained.  


Adaptation and fleeting dreams. 

What perplexes my conscience is thinking upon the memories. 

In them lies pride. Not fear. 

I remember laughter, and not one single tear. 

I am haunted by a nightmare I can’t fully remember.  One I can never explain.  

The naivety of youth truly is bliss. And something I believe, 

We all someday miss.  


Published by incognito0mosquito

What's up Blood Suckers!! I'm a mosquito and I'm incognito. Mental Health Blogger

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