In The Beginning

This wasn’t a countryside Texas ranch. Their property was about five acres catty-cornered to my house in an old Texas suburb. So, I grew up next door to my grandparents. I am extremely lucky in this aspect; without them I don’t know how traumatized I would be from my childhood. Never having a moment to escape,Continue reading “In The Beginning”

You’re Not Alone

During my first two years living entirely alone I disconnected from a lot of people around me. For many different reasons, not all of them personal. I found my time fully consumed. Between stress, work, and being a dad, by the time I got a moment to breathe it was all I could do to musterContinue reading “You’re Not Alone”

6 A.M.

Io.0M What are some triggers any of you discovered about yourselves? Which ones have been the most difficult to cope with? Comment below or message. I awoke this morning to the familiar buzzing of a text message to my phone. Let’s be honest though, I was never really asleep to begin with. I don’t sleepContinue reading “6 A.M.”

Rest Stop

Here I am once more. Finding myself stuck, feeling no real direction. Unsure of the next move to make.  When you deal with mental health, these moments are very impactful. It’s like I described in a previous post about being bed ridden from depression. This is the same sensation, on a much smaller scale. I’veContinue reading “Rest Stop”


I wrote the previous thought a couple years ago. Since then, I have had moments of struggling with remaining in control of my emotions and my state of mind. In other words, not choosing to be happy. I allowed myself to become complacent with my mental health. This backtracking slowly put me back into a stateContinue reading “Happiness”

Journey with Hope

There is a lot I find hard to remember from my time in Afghanistan, and the military in general.  Sometimes I wonder if this is my mind slowly removing memories that are toxic to my health. Or if this is a positive sign I am, in fact, moving on from the experience.  I am healing. Continue reading “Journey with Hope”

Looking Deeper Within

The year is 2013. Walking quietly through the dark in step with one of my closest friends, saying nothing. Nothing but the familiar sound of sand and tiny rocks crunching and cracking beneath our boots. We make our way to the USO (United Service Organizations), where you can hangout and have time on the phonesContinue reading “Looking Deeper Within”