Misfit Toy

Who knew that a thought in one’s mind could crush your very being.   I keep searching for the right way.  I keep searching for meaning.  All it takes is a message from you and my world is turned upside down.  Anxiety pumps through my veins.  It pours out my eyes and aches my heart.  It makesContinue reading “Misfit Toy”

Journey with Hope

There is a lot I find hard to remember from my time in Afghanistan, and the military in general.  Sometimes I wonder if this is my mind slowly removing memories that are toxic to my health. Or if this is a positive sign I am, in fact, moving on from the experience.  I am healing. Continue reading “Journey with Hope”

Where am I?

Where am I? You might ask. I’m currently sitting alone in a state park asking myself a different question. “How do I want to begin this project, this blog, my story?” As I’m sure most people do, I find I work best when isolated and my mind is free of all distractions. However, my self-isolationContinue reading “Where am I?”

Looking Deeper Within

The year is 2013. Walking quietly through the dark in step with one of my closest friends, saying nothing. Nothing but the familiar sound of sand and tiny rocks crunching and cracking beneath our boots. We make our way to the USO (United Service Organizations), where you can hangout and have time on the phonesContinue reading “Looking Deeper Within”